PROJECT DATA SState-of-the-art Structured Cabling System for the offices of the well-known biscuit manufacturing company E.I. PAPADOPOULOS S.A.
UTP Cat.5e cabling on the horizontal planes and UTP multipair cables and Fiber Optic cable links on the vertical backbone.

Customer Segment Food Industry
Factory Plant
Address 26, P. Ralli Avenue
Postcode / City Athens, 118 10
R&Mfreenet Certified Installer Planner
Registration Number: 100668 Registration Number: 107891
Name: Panayiotis Mantelos Name: Dimitris Filippou
Company: SMARTCON S.A. Company: ISONET S.A.
Completion Date of Installation : March 2002
Number of Links : 272
System Type (Copper): measured according standard : TIA 568 A-5
Class De Cable type UTP Cat. 5e
Total number of installed outlets : 133
Total number of measured links : 272
System Type (Fiber):
measured according standard : TIA 568
FO Cable type MM 62.5m
Total number of measured links : 24
Number of Connectors : 48
Type of Connectors (LSH, SC....) : SC
R&M Products Used
19'' 1U Jumber Plastic Ring Panel
R35115 19'' 1U Rack, Empty
R35116 Connection Module 10xRJ45/u
R35117 Blind Cover
R35409 19'' 3U Global Patch Panel/u
R35403 Connection Module Holder, Global/u
R35401 Blind Cover, Global
R925720-RT Hinged Dust Cover Red
R925720-GB Hinged Dust Cover Yellow
R925720-GN Hinged Dust Cover Green
R925371 Outlet Connection Module, 1xRJ45/u
FO 19'' 1U Fibereasy Rack with 12 SC Duplex, MM
R302006 Rear Cable Entry Guide with PG 16
R303968 Cable Guide II 75mm for 19'' Rack
R305180 SC Field Tern., 62.5m SC
R303986 FO Patch cable SC Dup./SC Dup. (2m)
R305015 Patchcords, UTP 4P, PVC, Cat.5e, 1m
R305019 Patchcords, UTP, PVC, Cat.5e, 1,5m
R305021 Patchcords, UTP, PVC, Cat.5e, 3m
R302349 Color Coding, Red
R302345 Color Coding, Yellow
R302348 Color Coding, Green
R925795 Mounting Plate 45x45mm, 2x1 Port
R925894 SRV Connection Block 1x20 Pairs
R922039 Label Strip Holder
R35400 Adapter Unit, Global
R925686-GN Patch Cord, UTP 1P, A2-RJ45/u, 1m
R925687-GN Patch Cord, UTP 1P, A2-RJ45/u, 1,5m
R35291 R&M Instalation Cable UTP Cat5e 4"
R&M Multipair Cable UTP Cat.3 25"
R303230 FO Trunk Cable, un.with 12 Fibers 62.5/125m
R35063 R&M Multipair Cable UTP Cat.3 25"
R303230 FO Trunk Cable, un. with 12 Fibers 62.5/125m

Kind of applied warranty:

5 year Product Warranty
20 year System Warranty
Lifetime Application Warranty
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