PROJECT DATA Structured Cat.5e S-FTP, Cabling System for the new 8-floor building of newspaper KATHIMERINI, SKAI radio station and other affiliated shipping companies of Alafouzos Group.
Customer Segment Securities, Stock Exchang Newspapers, Broadcasting Media
Company Name H ΚΑΘΗΜΕΡΙΝΗ Α.Ε.
Address E.Makariou & Falireos
Postcode / City Neo Faliro
R&Mfreenet Certified Installer Planner
Registration Number: 105197 Registration Number: 102428
Name: Spyros Maginis Name: Vassilis Messiniotis
Company: European Dynamics SA Company: European Dynamics SA
Completion Date of Installation : March 2002
Number of Links : 1950
System Type (Copper): measured according standard : TIA 568-B
Class D2002 Cable type S-FTP Cat.5e
Total number of installed outlets : 975
Total number of measured links : 1950

System Type (Fiber):
measured according standard : TIA 568
FO Cable type MM 62.5μm
Total number of measured links : 72
Number of Connectors : 144
Type of Connectors (LSH, SC....) : SC
R&M Products Used
Inst.Cable Cat.5e, S-FTP, PVC, 500m
R304095 F.O. cable, 8x62.5/125μm, LSFROH, RP
R925551 Connection Module, Cat.5e, 2xRJ45/s
R925370 Connection Module, Cat.5e, 1xRJ45/s
R304325 Connection Module, Cat.5e, 100xRJ45/s
R35406 19" 3U Global-Patch Panel, 60xRJ45/s
R925612 19" 1 U Patch Panel, 16xRJ45/s
R925903 Earthing Kit for 15/16/30 Ports
R30872 19" 1U 36 Rack Port
R30873 Cover for 1U Rack 36 Port
R30870 19"3U adapter box
R30856 19"Fiberliner pre. for 6SC-Compact
R30574 FO Adaptor, SCcompact
R30795 SC Field Terminated, 62,5΅m
R930360 19" 1U Jumper Ring Panel, Plastic
R924005-2 19" 2U Jumper Plastic Ring Panel
R35115 19" 1U Rack empty
R35116 Connection Module, 10xRJ45/u
R25034 Earth bar
R930114 Jumpering Bracket
R925401-WS Patch cord,Cat 5e,S-FTP,4pairs,1.0m
R925402-WS Patch cord,Cat 5e,S-FTP,4pairs,1.5m
R925403-WS Patch cord,Cat 5e,S-FTP,4pairs,2.0m
R925405-WS Patch cord,Cat 5e,S-FTP,4pairs,5.0m
R302249 FO Patch, SC-Comp.-MTRJ, 62,5΅m, 2m
R300126 FO Patch, SC-Comp.-SC Dup, 62,5΅m, 1m
R300127 FO Patch, SC-Comp.-SC Dup, 62,5΅m, 2m

Kind of applied warranty:

5 year Product Warranty
20 year System Warranty
Lifetime Application Warranty
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