The structured cabling in an industrial environment is a quite new issue in the world market, since the integration of the IP protocol emerges new opportunities.
E. J. PAPADOPOULOS S.A. is the leading industry of biscuits and food production in Greece. The demand of E. J. PAPADOPOULOS S.A. for a technology evolution becomes a reality in the production plant of the company in Enofyta.
Plant area of two buildings:
1. Main building includes:
· Office space of 250m2,
· Production line of 2500m2,
· Warehouse space of 3300m2, and
2. Plant entrance/reception.
The main building served by one serving zone (A and B) connected together with both a 12 fibers FO and two 25-pairs multipair cables for the data and voice implementation, respectively.
The plant entrance/reception served directly from the CER A in main building through an aerial copper cable with over-voltage protection, for voice implementation only.
In production line and the warehouse, the protection of each channel, from the CER (Communications Equipment Room) to the TO (Telecommunications Outlet) is throughout IP54.

Customer Segment Food Industry
Address Industrial Zone of Enofyta
Postcode / City 320 11 Enofyta
rR&Mfreenet Certified Planner / Installer  
  Installer Planner
Registration Number: 106557 Registration Number: 109460
Name: Panayiotis Mantelos Name: Dimitris Filippou
Company: Cabletec S.A. Company: NETPLEX Ltd.
Completion Date of Installation : May 2004
Number of Links : 134
System Type (Copper): Channel measured according standard : TIA 568-B.2
Class De  Cable type UTP Cat.5e
Total number of installed outlets : 55
Total number of measured links : 110
System Type (Fiber):
Measured according standard : TIA 568-B.3
FO   Cable type OM2 50/125ėm
Total number of measured links : 12
Number of Connectors : 24
Type of Connectors (LSH, SC....) : SC
R&M Products Used
R35291 Inst.Cable, Cat.5e, UTP 4P
R35066 Multipair Cable UTP Cat.3 100’’
R306179 19" 1U Jumper Plastic Ring Panel
R35115 19’’ 1U Rack, Empty
R35116 Connection Module, 10xRJ45/u
R35409 19" 3U Global Patch Panel/u
R35403 Connection Module Holder, Global/u
R35401 Blind Cover, Global
R302149 ― Blind Cover. Global
R925371 Outlet Connection Module, 1xRJ45/u Cat.5e
R30870 19’’ 3U Adapter Housing
R25034 Earth bar
R304150 Int./External, FO Trunk Cable, unassembled with 12 fibers 50/125ėm
R306957 FO 19’’ Fiberliner equipped with 6xtype SC Duplex, MM
R30278 Cover to 19’’ Fiberliner pre.
R305179 SC Field Terminated, 50/125ėm Connector
R303981 FO Single Fiber Patch Cable SC Duplex/SC Duplex, 2m
R305015 Patch Cord, Cat. 5e, UTP 4P, PVC, 1.0 m
R305019 Patch Cord, Cat. 5e, UTP 4P, PVC, 1.5 m
R305021 Patch Cord, Cat. 5e, UTP 4P, PVC, 3.0 m
R302349 Colour Coding, Red
R302345 Colour Coding, Yellow
R302348 Colour Coding, Green
R925795 Mounting Plate 45x45mm, 2x1 Port
R307039 WM Splash Outlet, 86x86m 2x1 Port
R306060 Splash-Cap, Yellow
R306061 Splash-Cap, Green
R306064 Splash-Cover, Transparent

Kind of applied warranty:

5 year Product Warranty
20 year System Warranty
Lifetime Application Warranty
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