PROJECT DATA ACCESS (Fast-Track) Project – INTRACOM / OTE 2000

The Attika telecommunications ring in co-operation with INTRACOM was the first opportunity for R&M to show its high competence for passive fiber-optic solutions.
As a result, the R&M “fiber-optic compact module” mounted into the 19” interface rack Foccos” was put into service in August 1993. Thanks to this successful and reliable installation, R&M was able to strengthen its market position.

INTRACOM signed OTE frame agreement
INTRACOM had signed a 800-million USD OTE Frame Agreement for the next five years. It included the production and installation of 1,500,000 digital lines, hardware, software, parts and services. It also included ISDN services, signalling systems, upgrading of existing operating systems, new subscriber services, intelligent network applications, network and subscriber management systems, SDH fiber optics systems, radio networks, 800,000 urban network access lines, rural subscriber radio systems, wide-band networks and other telecommunication supplies and services.

INTRACOM is the leader in the telecommunications equipment and telematics systems industry in Greece with a significant international presence.
It was established in 1977. The company is the main supplier to the Greek Telecommunications Organization, OTE. INTRACOM’s product portfolio includes:

• Digital Switches
• Network Management Systems
• Secure Communications Systems
• Radio and Pair Gain Systems
• Terminal Equipment
• Defence Electronics
• Energy Control Systems

Having grown with an average annual rate of 67.2% over the last five years, INTRACOM has been ranked 70th among the 12,000 fastest growing companies in 25 countries in a “Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu International” study for the World Link review of the Davos World Economic Forum.

First opportunity for R&M
“Unique” is the key word, which identifies the largest telecom project implemented in Greece, namely, the Attika Ring Network. Its uniqueness stems not just from its size and completeness, but mainly from the fact that through the use of the most advanced switching, transmission and network management equipment it upgraded the existing telecommunications network.

R&M products used
Within that frame agreement R&M supplied for the first time the compact distributor system “VS Compact”. According to the project team of INTRACOM they had chosen “VS Compact” for the following reasons:

• Wire-cutting function in all the connection modules, no special tools are needed. The result is another reduction in maintenance cost.
• Uninterrupted switching, which results in extremely short switching times.
• Maintenance and testing possible without having to remove protection (permanent protection).
• Maximum reliability and durability (gold-plated disconnection contact) for long service life.
• Complies with Cat. 5 with ”Booster Print” for partial upgrading of the distribution system.
• Modular and flexible extension with mounting profiles can be expanded at low cost.

R&M has additionally succeeded in supplying the OptoCon 24 fiber-optic subscriber termination box, the compact way to terminate fibres, thanks to the following features:

• Protected against unauthorised access
• Compact design for 24 fiber-optic terminations
• Individual pigtail tension relief
• Large working reserve
• Convenient splicing on worktable or with tray turned out

Within this project the OptoCon 24 solution is used for the fiber-optic terminations within the cross-connection cabinet.

R&M benefits from INTRACOM’s activities

The implementation of OTE’s investment plan, through the INTRACOM frame agreement, fundamentally improved the digitalisation rate of the national network, from 47%, to almost 100% by the year 2000.
Thanks to the implementation of VS Compact and OptoCon 24 within the fast-track project, R&M can benefit in the near future from INTRACOM’s activities within Germany, Belgium, Cyprus, Russia, Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria and the USA.

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