PROJECT DATA State-of-the-art 10Gbit Cat.6 UTP Structured Cabling System for the new 8-floor building of Police Headquarters Management of Criminological Surveys in Athens.

Customer Segment Government, Army
Address 146 Athinon Ave.& Antigonis Str.
Postcode / City 104 42 / Athens
R&Mfreenet Certified Installer Planner
Registration No: 200099 Registration No: 109460
Name: Panagiotis Tzenis Name: Dimitris Filippou
Company: Cabletec S.A. Company: Netplex Ltd.
Completion Date of Installation : May 2007
Number of Links : 2.500
System Type (Copper): Channel to be measured according standard :ISO/IEC 11801:2002, IEEE 802.3an

Class E        Cable type U/UTP Cat.6
Total number of outlets to be installed: 1.250
Total number of links to be measured: 2.500

System Type (Fiber):
To be measured according standard : ISO/IEC 11801:2002, IEEE 802.3an


FO   Cable type OM2 50/125m

Total number of links to be measured: 112
Number of Connectors : 112
Type of Connectors (LSH, SC....) : SC

R&M Products Used
R35056 Inst.Cable CAT. 6, U/UTP, PVC
R305117 19" 1 U Patch Panel, 24xRJ45/u, Cat.6
R306179 19" 1U Jumper Ring Panel, Plastic (Wire Manager)
R304328 Connection Module, Cat.6, 100xRJ45/u
R925777 FM Global Outlet, 88x88, 2 Port
R300053 VS Compact Adapter Connection Module, 10 Pairs/22.5mm
R300093 VS Compact Adapter Earthing Rail, 10 Pairs
R300061 VS Compact Protection Magazine, 5 Pairs equipped FS/Ind
R35115 19" 1U Rack empty
R35116 Connection Module, 10xRJ45/u
R300663 VS Compact 19" Mounting Profile Kit 20mm
R924006 19" Mounting Kit
R27002-20-1 VS Standard Disconnection Module
R27800-200 Floor Distributor 200 pair
R19001 Wiring Tool 'VS Tool'
R302310 Patch Cord, Cat.6, U/UTP 4P, 1.0m, LSOH
R302311 Patch Cord, Cat.6, U/UTP 4P, 1.5m, LSOH
R302312 Patch Cord, Cat.6, U/UTP 4P, 2.0m, LSOH
R306884 FO 19 1U SpliceRack for 12xSC duplex. 50m
R306775 FO Cap to 19 1U SpliceRack
R303561 FO Adaptor SC, MM Duplex
R301461 Pigtail-OM2-SC-PC-M-2.5m 50m
Kind of warranty to be applied:

5 year Product Warranty
20 year System Warranty
Lifetime Application Warranty

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