PROJECT DATA Integrated UTP, Cat.6 Structured Cabling System for the new offices of NOVO NORDISK A/S in Vouliagmeni, Athens. The requirements of the customer for high bandwidth applications future oriented networking and high system performance and security made the R&M “STAR SYSTEM” the right candidate for the foundation of the company’s networking infrastructure.
R&M has a leading position as competent supplier and leader in the global market for Cat.6 Cabling Systems and components. On top of that R&M offers a perfectly adjusted system warranty. Various other systems of different suppliers got tested first. It was R&M who was selected because all products are very user-friendly, tool-free and easy to wire and rewire.
Customer Segment Pharmaceutical, Chemical
Address Status Center, Athinas Avenue & Areos 2A,
Postcode / City Vouliagmeni, Athens, 166 71
R&Mfreenet Certified Installer Planner
Registration Number: 107888 Registration Number: 107891
Name: Aris Athanasiadis Name: Dimitris Filippou
Company: ISONET SA Company: ISONET S.A.
Completion Date of Installation : May 2003
Number of Links : 140
System Type (Copper): Channel to be measured according standard : TIA 568 B.2
Class E Cable type UTP Cat. 6
Total number of installed outlets : 70
Total number of measured links : 140

System Type (Fiber):
measured according standard : TIA 568
FO Cable type MM 62.5ěm
Total number of measured links : 84
Number of Connectors : 168
Type of Connectors (LSH, SC....) : SC
R&M Products Used
Installation Cable Cat. 6, UTP, 4P, PVC
R302363 19" 3U Global Panel, 60xRJ45/u, Cat.6
R302373 Connection Module, Cat.6, 1xRJ45/u
R306179 19" 1U Jumper Ring Panel, Plastic
R302302 Patchcord, Cat.6, UTP 4P, 3.0m, PVC
R302303 Patchcord, Cat.6, UTP 4P, 5.0m, PVC
R35115 19” 1u Rack Empty
R35116 Connection Module, 10xRJ45/u
R35117 Blind Cover
R35409 19" 3U Global Rack/u
Patch Cord, Cat.6, UTP 4P, 1.0m PVC
R302300 Patchcord, Cat.6, UTP 4P, 1.5m, PVC
R302302 Patchcord, Cat.6, UTP 4P, 3.0m, PVC
R35403 Connection Module Holder, Global/u
R35401 Blind Cover, Global
R925795 Mounting Plate 45x45, 2 ports
R925618 Mounting Plate DEG, 2port grey
R302378 Connection Module, Cat.6, 2xRJ45/u,

Kind of applied warranty:

5 year Product Warranty
20 year System Warranty
Lifetime Application Warranty
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