State-of-the-art Cat.6 S/FTP, 10GB ready, Structured Cabling System for the new 2-floor luxurious office building and unique and modern storage warehouses of Logistics Company UNILOG S.A .The company building was equipped with a highly integrated cabling infrastructure, an overall solution for secure, flexible and high bandwidth generic networking environment.
UNILOG S.A. ( is the leader in the Greek Logistics market and 3PL Providers, third in Europe and one of the 20 3PL Providers worldwide. UNILOG S.A. provides specialised Logistics services and is considered a specialist in the field of service management to the Hellenic Pharmaceutical Industry.

Customer Segment Storage & 3rd Party Logistics
Company Name UNILOG S.A.
Address Thesi Gonetses
Postcode / City Markopoulo Attikis
R&Mfreenet Certified Installer Planner
Registration Number: 200376 Registration Number: 200375
Name: Laktaridis Kostas Name: Laktaridis John
Company: Eurosec Company: Eurosec
Completion Date of Installation : 07.08.2006
Number of Links :334
System Type (Copper): Channel measured according standard : ISO/IEC 11801:2002, IEEE 802.3an

Class E Cable type S/FTP Cat.6
Total number of installed outlets : 167
Total number of measured links : 334

System Type (Fiber): measured according standard : ISO/IEC 11801:2002, IEEE 802.3an
FO Cable type OM2 50/125ìm
Total number of measured links: 48
Number of connectors:96
Type of connectors (LSH, SC…) : ST

R&M Products Used

Inst. Cable, Cat. 6, S/FTP 4P, LSZH

R305120 19’’ 1U Patch Panel, 24xRJ45/s, Cat.6
R305887 19’’ 1U Patch Panel, 16xRJ45/s, Cat.6
R306179 19" 1U Jumper Plastic Ring Panel
R35115 19’’ 1U Rack empty
R35116 Connection Module, 10xRJ45
R304327 Connection Module, Cat.6, 100xRJ45/s
R310786 WM Outlet, 80x80, 2x1 Port
R302332 Patch Cord, Cat.6, S/FTP 4P, LSFROH, 1.0 m
R302333 Patch Cord, Cat.6, S/FTP 4P, LSFROH, 1.5 m
R302334 Patch Cord, Cat.6, S/FTP 4P, LSFROH, 2.0 m
R302335 Patch Cord, Cat.6, S/FTP 4P, LSFROH, 3.0 m
R302336 Patch Cord, Cat.6, S/FTP 4P, LSFROH, 5.0 m
R313330 Mounting Plate 45x45 mm, 2 Port, flat
R925795 Mounting Plate 45x45 mm, 2 Port
R304090 Internal/ext. FO LT-Cable 1X8, 50ìm/125, RP
R306886 FO 19’’ 1U splicerack for 24 x FC/ST
R306775 FO cap too 19” 1U splicerack
R305182 ST Field Terminated,50ìm
R303562 FO Adaptor, ST/ST, MM
R30841 FO Adaptor, ST/ST, MM

Kind of applied warranty:

5 year Product Warranty
20 year System Warranty
Lifetime Application Warranty
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