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Patch Panels
Patch panels are used for terminating horizontal or backbone installation cables and for serving as in interface to the various network equipment. In horizontal cabling, the RJ45 ports of the patch panel are connected in a star topology by four pair installation cables to the telecommunications outlets.
In this way, network equipment such as host computers, concentrators, PABXs and so forth can be easily connected to the desired telecommunications outlets by means of patch/line cables. Patch panels and connection modules comply with the standards of ISO/IEC 11801, EN 50173 and EIA/TIA 568A. In order to fulfil the demands of the American market, the patch panels and connection modules are UL and CSA certified.
Fiber Optic

R&Ms patch panels are available as 19 racks and wall distributors with a capacity of up to 120 plugs. They are used for the distributing and patching of FO plug connections and for cable-to-cable splicing of the fibers.
The patch panels are accommodated in allocated spaces in distributor cabinets and/or in floor distributors. They support different connector types, depending on their front plate equipment.
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