IP67 Protection: Ethernet in Manufacturing

Industrial networks place extremely high demands on connector and distributive technology. We therefore developed special solutions such as plug connectors for highest mechanical loads, fully protected from environmental effects, up to IP67.

In the development of the IP67 connector concept for fiber optic connections, emphasis was placed on the transmission-relevant components remaining compatible with conventional products. For example, the IP67 mounting frame has been matched to the R&M mounting plate.

On the connector side, the IP67 bushes (for RJ45 and SC-RJ) interlock with the mounting frame in the push-pull principle so that the entire connection is also able to withstand greater mechanical loads.

Whether indoors or outdoors, whether dusty or wet conditions, the IP67 concept for SC-RJ and RJ45 opens up new and hitherto untappable potential for the use of office components potential which is not at all limited to industrial applications.

DOWNLOAD R&M IP67 Industrial Cabling Catalogue (429 Kb)