One outlet for all-telephone, TV, Internet and radio
With the new multimedia outlet from R&M access to all communication services with one single, extremely compact outlet is now possible. With this multimedia outlet R&M is
leading the way to the future of home cabling solutions.

The multimedia outlet features three coaxial connections for
TV, radio, Internet, cable modem and SAT receiver and two
RJ45 sockets for telephone and Ethernet network connection
on top. This range allows coverage of all the user’s communications requirements.
Flexibility for the future
In a technology change – e.g. from ISDN to ADSL – the existing infrastructure had always to be expanded, refitted or even completely replaces. With a multimedia outlet, it only needs a simple patching at the central communications distributor. This multimedia outlet is the most compact solution on today’s market, and consequently the best investment in the multimedia future of residential cabling.

Fast, standard-compliant installation
The tangential cable entry, developed by R&M, simplifies the mounting and allows the installer to mount a standard-compliant connection without cable deforming. Thanks to the new PCB terminal blocks each coax cable is individually strain-relieved, contacted modularly, without any tools.

Absolutely tight multimedia outlet
R&M’s multimedia outlet is being classified shield category “A” for its excellent shielding characteristics, preventing any ingressions.
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