Splash Line-Protecting your connections up to IP 54
The new Splash outlets from R&M guarantee reliable
connection of network interfaces at critical locations
– be it an aggressive, humid or dusty environment
or dirt-intensive manufacturing plants.
Splash Line products’ features:
Surface and flush-mounted
1-port and 2-port versions
Compliant with IP 54 requirements
Effective protection of LAN components against environmental influences
Use of Splash outlets:
in joineries, mills, industrial firms and workshops, cement plants, bakeries, stations and airports
  where dust means danger.
in restaurants, professional kitchens, food manufacturing, bottling plants or laundering facilities,
  and wherever splash water and moisture
  Even corrosion at connector and connecting pieces caused by condensation, salty environment, water vapour or hot water can be prevented with the R&M Splash outlet.
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