R&M's New 16-port 1U Patch Panels
Ideal for small patching jobs

R&Mís 16-port 1U patch panels can handle up to 16 shielded or unshielded, single RJ45 Cat. 5e or Cat. 6 connection modules or SC-RJ adaptors. Patch cords or connecting cables are clearly organised using our new, snap-lock patching rings and optional lateral radius guards.

. . . for better performance and longer life
Velcro strips on our lateral radius guards reduce mechanical loads on cables and thus, cable strand displacement that may alter impedance and signal attenuation. LAN network cabinets and cables have to do their job and look good because typically, they are mounted in exposed places in the office. R&Mís new Cable Management System scores high on both points.

Our new patch panels make installation and servicing easy because they come with an ingenious module attachment system and a modular 16-port mounting for shielded and unshielded 1xRJ45 or SC-RJ connectors. Equally practical is the shielded patch panelís integrated earthing system Ė the same as in our Global System.
Unsurpassed installation advantages

Our new, compact R&M 16-port 1U patch panels are extremely solid and feature smartholes for all R&M security products, visual coding and protection against mechanical and electronic damage while plugging in and unplugging that can cause network disruptions.
The panels come with labelling strip windows, an integrated cable tie shelf to further simplify installation and the same snap-lock cable brackets used in our new cable guide panels.
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