R&M's New Cable Management System
Say no to cable chaos

Properly organised cable management accomplishes two things, it makes a good impression and simplifies rerouting and altering connections. And thatís what our new Cable Management System does: brings order to cable chaos.

Weíre all familiar with the problem: Alterations or additions to legacy corporate networks can be a problem because cables were routed badly in the first place. That higher data transmission rates, whether with optic fibre or copper cabling, place an additional burden on the cabling infrastructureís physical integrity is no secret. Properly organised cable distribution at strategic network nodes can significantly reduce management, maintenance and commissioning cost and time.

Powerful practical advantages

Our new Cable Management System makes proper cable disposition easy as you run different cable types, such as for phone and data, separately. There are installation advantages, too, because there is no cable chaos to contend with, and space for connections is plentiful. Other Cable Management System advantages are compatibility with our line of modular fiber optics products, the shared design of all R&M products, the toughness of our cable guide panels and snap-lock cable brackets.

Intelligent radius guards. . .

As in our fiber optics system, our new cable guide panel lets you use either right or left-hand radius guards, for copper and fiber optics cables, to keep within mandatory bend radius limits and prevent cables from kinking or twisting. But the advantages donít end there: install radius guards on the side walls of any 19" 1U patch panel without having to remove previously installed cable guide or patch panels. All you do is change and segment your patch cord or connecting cables from vertical to horizontal as needed, and coil up excess cable above the lateral radius guard.
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