Innovation: RJ45 plug becomes a multitalent
With the RCC45‚ connection module R&M integrate undreamt-of mobility and flexibility at the workplace, new convenience at home / more options for cabling systems
R&M, the number one on the Swiss cabling market, use the slogan, “Get More @ R&M”. This time, “Get More @ R&M” means more innovation. The familiar RJ45 network plug will now also be supplying power to terminal equipment, or POF – plastic optical fiber – for networking and multimedia applications. A snap-on clip guides the cable and holds the adapter. The connection module contains additional apertures, placed with Swiss precision. Integrated into a
total solution, this system opens up more options for cabling buildings, offices and homes.

One possibility is better performance in the field of facility management. Besides these initiatives in the domain of enterprise cabling, R&M also want to introduce their new RCC45‚ to the residential cabling field.
RCC45‚ with power
Two inconspicuous openings in the connection module, underneath the RJ45 interface, give the show away: here, power supply cables can be inserted that carry up to 56 volts at up to 4 amps. That's enough power for terminal equipment such as telephone systems, laptops, printers and scanners. The mains supply can be positioned centrally at the hub, or somewhere else out of the way. In the case of terminal equipment, a power cable is simply routed along with the RJ45 cable and the connection is fixed to the RJ45 plug with the clip. This does away with the nuisance of mains sockets in the floor and the cable litter that is such a nuisance on the desk, and a tripwire under it.
RCC45‚ with plastic optical fiber
The new openings can just as easily carry plastic optical fiber (POF). POF is robust and flexible, and even novices can lay and connect it. The fiber that has been used for some time now to supply first-class digital sound in luxury cars can also bring more convenience into the PC multimedia environment. The IEEE 1394b fast serial bus, which is finding increasing success in the networking of PCs and peripherals, digital audio and video equipment and cameras, can cover only a few metres over copper cables. With POF, it can reach the entire building. This makes office work flexible: you can work here, watch something over there, and print somewhere else.
RCC45‚ with virtually everything
A splitting adapter for the RJ45 connection, also in the pipeline from R&M, will make three pairs of copper conductors individually accessible. The plugs for this will have a new mini-RJ design. This will enable connections to be made for such applications as Powerline Communication (in-house telephony via the mains cables).

The adapter will also permit the integration of Echonet for uses that include the control of lighting, heating, shutters and garage doors: perfect home networking! A key feature is that the splitting adapter will also make it possible to wire the optical interface via a standard F07 plug.

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