The way people live and work is constantly changing. Technological innovation is redefining roles in the working world by introducing concepts such as telecommuting and home offices. For this reason, it is tremendously important to plan installations and cabling not only in terms of cost-effectiveness but also with a view towards future applications. R&M is at your side. With the new R&M Multimedia Outlet you can take the future in your stride.

“Star cabling will substantially simplify the entire communications cabling. And installing the user-friendly products from R&M is fast and simple.”
“The planning of communications cabling has never been easier. Those difficult decisions about what outlets to plan
in a specific room are a thing of the past. Instead of having to go for a CATV outlet, one for telephony and maybe
also a data outlet, all that is needed is a Multimedia Outlet, which offers all the options in one.”
Builder/general contractor
“The owner benefits from a substantial added value. All the rooms feature future-proof cabling and are ready for all services.”
“The architect does not have to determine where a TV, a data or a telephone outlet has to go in the planning phase anymore. He merely has to determine the positions of the communications interfaces, i.e. outlets. This is a welcome esthetical improvement. Entire batteries of outlets are history – one single Multimedia Outlet is enough.”
End customer
“R&M’s Multimedia Outlets offer absolute comfort and flexibility. Every possibility has been anticipated so that every customer demand can easily be met, at all times. Be it data networks, ISDN, ADSL, CATV, whatever the future may bring – it can all be done. Thanks to R&M future-proof cabling has entered the home sector as well.”

The new R&M Multimedia Outlet now makes it possible to implement a requirements-driven structured cabling system in the home office domain for the very first time. A central communication distributor, which accommodates all active (NT, HUB, CATV, modem, ASDL modem, router, etc) and passive components, allows the creation of a star-topology network that interconnects all Multimedia Outlets. An appealing price/performance ration, fast and simple installation, expandability, and guaranteed future-proof design are just some of the features of the new R&M home cabling concept.
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