Network security is rapidly gaining in importance, turning into a deciding factor for the future of entire companies. Many know from personal experience what dramatic consequences data losses caused by cabling infrastructure problems can have. In some hard cases major network failures even financially ruined entire companies.

In innovative development work R&M has created new products, guaranteed to rule out such ghastly worst-case scenarios. And thanks to its modular design, the new security system can even be fitted to a cabling system at a later stage, without
needing tools, thus fulfilling highest security
Security in passive cabling infrastructure
Neutral studies prove that 70% of all network failures and crashes result from faulty cabling infrastructure or erroneous manipulation of connecting cables. When evaluating the passive cabling system it is important to carefully check if security aspects are integrally supported and easily implemented. R&M is an expert in this field and offers manifold solutions with new, innovative and patented products.

Three levels to the max
The new security system by R&M easily complies with all of the customersí various security demands and wishes.

Security level 1:
The optical colour coding supports correct connecting of the respective cables.
The colour coding is easily applied to the connection cables and ports. When applications are being changed within the network, the already positioned colour coding can be just as easily and tool-free exchanged with other colours.

Security level 2:
For effective prevention of uncertain states in the network and protection of sensitive network boards, this patented mechanical-visual coding ensures security on a mechanical level, effectively preventing any wrong connecting of a cable to a wrong port.

Security level 3:
This security level even adds a third dimension. Here, new, patented products guarantee secure network connections of the future. A protective sleeve, the Plug Guard, requires a special key to release the connection, so that a connecting cable can never again be inadvertently unplugged. Security is further enhanced with R&Mís Safe Clip, a special brightly coloured device that also rules out accidental disconnection. Thanks to Safe Clip the connecting cables are now also protected on active equipment-side. Once secured these connections can only be released by trained and authorised people. Any risk of data loss is quite simply
Huge potential
These new products show an impressive range of applications Ė they are obviously ideal for banks, stock exchanges, schools, hotels and hospitals, and let emergency call control units be permanently
available. Thanks to R&Mís security system far-reaching and costly consequences of erroneous manipulation or missing connecting cables are finally history.
The need for secure transmissions and high data availability has grown tremendously these last two years, due to very high failure costs. About 80% of all problems in an overall IT solution today (incl. active components and software) result from bad layer-1 products. R&M simply avoids such problems with an ingenious product line. The answer is this modular security concept, allowing the customer to install the security level best suited to his needs in a convenient and easy way. Another outstanding feature is that out-lets, patch panels and patch cords can also be fitted to the required security level at a later stage. No other manufacturer can offer these advantages.
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