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The R&Mfreenet LAN solution comprises three different systems. Each individual system represents the ideal solution for the respective customer segment and requirement. This classification into systems provides our customers with a clear overview, enabling them to quickly make the right choice.

CLASSIC system economical and safe
R&Mfreenet CLASSIC system attains the transmission performance Class E in a 2-connector configuration and is thus equal to the so-called Cat. 6 systems. Shielded or unshielded components of Cat. 5e are used.
The advantages of CLASSIC system include its excellent price performance ratio, the outstanding mechanical stability of its components and its simple coding. CLASSIC system is suitable for small to medium-sized enterprises, for file and application sharing or for everyday access to the Internet.

STAR system Cat. 6 pure
However, not only transmission performance Class E, but also Cat. 6 components are prerequisites for the genuine blue Cat. 6 system. This is the only way to ensure that all requirements can really be achieved, in particular interoperability and transmission in a 4-connector configuration.
The benefit to customers is obvious: greater flexibility, today and in the future. Cat. 6 cables configured as four twisted pairs with the R&M freenet Cat. 6 connection module are used for voice and fast data applications. There is added value for you, in that this system provides a significant increase in bandwidth and performance, as well as a higher level of safety. At the same time it is backward compatible with Cat. 5 and Cat. 5e standard. Further advantages of STAR system are its compatibility with future standards, as well as its excellent mechanical and electrical long-term stability.

STAR system is ideal for demanding customer segments such as banks, airports or multimedia enterprises that place great store on safeguarding their IT infrastructure investment well into
the future. Moreover, for time-relevant applications these customers require 100% network availability, for example for real-time applications such as voice over IP or video communication.

VISION system a high-performance system that is scalable
The advantages of VISION system based on fiber optics are obvious: no ground problems or electromagnetic interference; lower costs for rooms, access and air conditioning equipment; reduced expenditure and fewer potential sources of faults, thanks to a single central point for patching; generally reduced administrative outlay. Typical VISION system customers include service providers or telecom network operators (carriers). They require maximum flexibility since they are growing rapidly, are permanently confronted with expansion, are already investing today in multimedia and technologies of tomorrow, and want to make good use of the advantages of fiber optic systems.

Thanks to the four R&M Smartholes integrated in our products, all systems can easily be converted or retrofitted to our entire security and environment product range, without the need for any tools. The R&M systems allow quick and easy tool-free conversion or retrofitting to our entire range of security and environmental products. This opens the way to future applications while at the same time protecting your existing investments. In R&Ms research and development laboratories, new ideas are constantly being developed, investigated and tested for their customer benefit. All this is driven by R&Ms aim to further consolidate its position as the world leader in structured cabling, true to our motto R&M: number 1 in layer 1.
DOWNLOAD ISO/IEC 11801 Standard for Generic Cabling Systems (909Kb)