With an advanced and sophisticated three-level warranty programme, R&M guarantees impeccable operation of all of today’s network services including Gigabit Ethernet in all three systems. In addition, R&M guarantees the transmission of 10Gigabit/s Ethernet in the VISION and in the STAR product lines.( in accordance with Draft IEEE 802.3an 10GBASE-T) .

5-year warranty on all components
R&M components are of the highest quality; they surpass the performance requirements of the standards ISO/IEC 11801 and EN 50173.

20-year warranty on the system
If exclusively R&M products are used in a LAN cabling system and if these are installed by a certified R&Mfreenet installer, a 20-year warranty applies to the transmission line and the R&M components.

Lifelong application warranty on the entire LAN system
R&M provides a lifelong warranty on the entire LAN system, provided the installation is carried out according to the standards in effect at
the time, is planned by a certified R&Mfreenet planner and installed by a certified R&M installer. R&M undertakes the acceptance of the protocols of the transmission line measured and subsequently certifies the installation. At this point the lifelong application warranty will come into effect.

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Warranty coverage

DOWNLOAD Warranty Programme (42,41KB)8.2006

DOWNLOAD Warranty Programme Appendix (147,93KB)07.2006

Installation and Test Specifications for Generic Cabling

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Warranty Application

In order for a warranty application to be completely processed, the following must be sent to: warranty@rdm.ch:

· Fully completed certification request (with digital signature)
· Fully completed material list of the project
· Installation plans
· Measuring data (original data; flw, dat, mbd, fcm....)

Download Certification Request (167 kB) 09/2005
Download Form Material List (52.5 kB) 04.2005