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R&M has further cemented its international success and competitiveness in generic cabling by developing a wide range of RJ45 outlets, working together with its customers. Market trends are observed and continuously integrated in our outlet assortment.
Consequently, it features flush-mounted, wall-mounted, floorbox, duct-mounted and multiport solutions for a great variety of applications. Various manufacturers of circuit programmes invest into their own R&Mfreenet outlets in close co-operation with R&M.
“Fiber to the home”, “Fiber to the office”, and “Fiber to the desk” are much more than catchwords – they have already found thei way into today’s planning standard. R&M offers a wide range of outlets for all the current fiber optic connectors (SC, ST, SC-RJ, MT-RJ).
All duct-mounted, wall-mounted and floorbox solutions are aligned to the customary installation material of various European manufacturers.
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