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RCO Power 3p

Installing integrated lamps, socket strips and floor connection points used to be laborious and complicated. By contrast, RCO Power from R&M is simple and brilliant - an idea that will save you time and money: The basic installation is laid directly from the group fuse to the powered equipment, using normal, inexpensive round cables (e.g. 3x1.5-2.5mm2). At the desired location, the cable jacket is removed and the RCO Power round cable adapter is wired on in seconds, without additional tools. This instantly provides two sockets for plugging in powered equipment, socket strips or lamp arrays.
The connection is made with preassembled connecting cables that incorporate the specified locking mechanism on the plug side. This ensures reliable contact. Mechanical coding gives an additional guarantee against any possible confusion when connecting the adapter socket and the plug.
Coding plugs provide four code combinations within the plug: the appropriate projections are removed from the plug with side-cutting pliers. A further contribution to connection reliability is made by four fields on the adapter sides, where labels identify the type of current carried or the circuit it belongs to. The transparent housing lid makes the contacts visible. An important factor for installations requiring the lowest possible heat release is that RCO Power from R&M has a very compact design and is made entirely from halogen-free materials.
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